Saturday, 25 January 2014

What;s going on in your head when you speak?

Hi all,
Today I am focusing on the voice in the head and how it can help you or hinder you when you speak.

Are you aware of the voice? What is it saying to you? Do you listen to it? If it is saying anything negative, especially about what the audience may be thinking about you, it is likely to put you off what you are saying. Some people even go blank.

Now if this is you, you are likely to be more nervous and self conscious than you need to be. If, on the other hand, you focus on what you want to share with them, instead of what they are thinking of you, you are likely to remember everything and sound and look very natural.

Indeed, the way to harness the voice in your head, positively, the way to do it is to accept that  you are an expert or at least more knowledgeable than most of the people in the room. You should be. Either you have been asked to speak on that topic or you have practised until you do sound and look confident.

The other thing that can muck up the voice in the head is the thought of questions. This fear can be overcome by anticipating what you will be asked and practising answering the questions. You can even ask a colleague to ask you what you might be asked and to get that person to listen to your answers.If you really do get a question you cannot answer, don't fluff. Just say you will get back to them and get their details.

Finally the voice in your head can also be your friend. If you keep telling yourself that you like speaking publicly, and you practise heaps (13 times, as if you are in the venue), your voice in the head can be your friend. Focus on what the audience has come to hear and not what they may be thinking of you, and your speech will be successful.

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