Sunday, 16 February 2014

7 Tips To Ace Your Next Interview

Hi all,

After last week's tips on how to improve your career through great communication, I thought I would share 7 tips on how  to gun that interview.

1. Do your research. You need to know heaps about the company. Be sure to check out the website. If you can, ring up and speak to someone who can give you even more insight into the company. The more you know, the more you can slip in things to let the interviewer(s) know you have got to know their policies etc.

2 Anticipate all the questions and practice answering them. You need a friend to role play this one. or me. It's no use just going through them in your head. You really do need to say them and get feedback.

3 Keep answers short and add an illustration. Go to the bottom line. Do not waffle, but then add an example or case study to make your answer real. Think of a story that is relevant to the question.

4 Look at everyone in the room. Do not just answer to the person who is asking the questions. That person may not be the decision maker. Look at all of them. Give one point to each person.

5 Have A QUESTION FOR THEM. Just a question about the job they have not asked that is your strength. Or even when they will let you know. Do not ask about pay at the first interview.

6 Dress appropriately. I know, obvious. But it is important to find out about the dress code and match it Of course, make sure shoes are clean and no stains anywhere.

7 Smile and shake hands with everyone. First impressions count. Make sure you look and sound confident all the way through. Remember 70% of your communication will be non verbal.

One more tip. If you really cannot answer a question, do not fluff. Say that you have been caught out and will find out. They probably know the right answer. Don't be afraid to show a little vulnerability and modesty. Most interviewees do not lie a smart ass!

Till next time,

Judith  Direct Speech
I specialise in interview preparation and my next mini course starts March 3rd in Elsternwick.

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